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Update time : 2019-09-12 09:24:32

5 Great Locations for Your Custom Retail Display

1. Near the Check-out to Take Advantage of Impulse Buying

There’s a reason stores have smaller items lining shelves by cash registers. Whether you go to TJ Maxx or Home Depot, these areas are perfect for impulse buys. While smaller, less expensive items are typically the most popular for impulse buys, that’s not always the case.

One out of five Americans state they have spent more than $1,000 on an impulse buy—that equals 87 percent of Americans admitting that they’ve bought a product on impulse, according to an article from CBS News

Some other impressive statistics on impulse buying include:

  • A study of 2,000 consumers shows they make three impulse purchases a week.
  • These impulse purchases add up to $450 a month and $5,400 a year.
  • A little over 70 percent of these impulse buys were food.

2. Anywhere Customers Are Lined Up

No one wants to wait in line, but it is an inevitable part of the retail experience. While the cash register is typically where you’ll find a queue, be aware of other areas of a store—such as the deli or customer service counter—where consumers will be waiting. Place your display in an area that will catch their eyes as they wait. Provided your display has dynamic graphics and a strong call to action, you’ll likely get their attention.

3. Beside an Item That Will Make an Easy Cross Sell

If you’re not including cross selling and up-selling in your POP plan, you’re missing out on a key revenue stream.

Cross-selling encourages buyers to purchase items that complement one already bought. Locating your display in these areas will encourage customers to take a closer look at—and perhaps purchase—your product. 

For example, let’s say that your company sells specialized laptop computer cases. Placing a POP display and your item near the laptops on sale will draw the attention of your target customers.

4. The Coveted End-Cap Position

There are few places that carry as much weight as the end-cap display. Strategically placed at the end of each aisle, it draws customers’ eyes as they travel throughout the store. They also eliminate the need for shelf space and make the product easily accessible

5. The Front of the Store

This location features maximum exposure to the number of customers. Even better, the message of your custom retail display rings loud and clear before consumers are exposed to the additional “noise” of multiple advertising messages as they move around the entire store. 

Realize That the Best Location May Change Depending Upon the Type of Store

Consumers may go all the way toward the back of the grocery store, but in a convenience store or gas station, they’re more likely to hover near the front to simply pay for gas or pick up a few quick items. Most consumers do not linger in a convenience store, so while an end cap display may be best for a larger grocery store, space near the front of a convenience store would be more beneficial.

After You’ve Placed Your Custom Retail Display, Do the Math

Are you sure that you’ve placed your POP display in the best location? It may be time to crunch the numbers. It’s important to measure the ROI on your display. While we go into more detail on ROI in our earlier post, one of the most important elements to consider is a key performance indicator (KPI). 

These are the goals that your display must meet to be deemed a solid return on investment. If you’re not getting the type of ROI you’d like to see, then it’s time to re-evaluate your strategy. Perhaps your POP isn’t catching the customer’s eye or maybe you need to try a different location.  Our creative designers can work closely with you to create a display that will give you the best chance at making a solid sale.